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MMC Members


Avid: Pressure, Rush
Blue: Blue Fate
Briefs: Lunar Marksman
BT: Mad Child
FooManchu: FooManchu
Hans: Hans
Labrynth: Labrynth, Lab
Massium Massium
Peril: Peril, Peril Phobia, Peril Pyre
Psygun: Psygun
Rock: Lilandra
Spiner: SpineR

If you don't have a problem occasionally being called a faggot, jew, bitch, cunt or nigger, you are our kind of people. Drop an app and we will try you out.

Oh and at least full blue PvP and PvE (Role Specific) gear is required. The more the better, though.

Welcome to the M
ickeyMouseClub League Site!

MickeyMouseClub (MMC) is a villain PvP league located on the Public Enemies DEATH AND GLORY NONE server of DC Universe Online. We are a small group of former City of Heroes players focused on the finer aspects of life, love and understanding.... nah. We just love PvP.

Come in, drop us a line and enjoy spending time with The Club. Everyone quit the game. Go away.


Guild News


perilX, Mar 26, 11 7:06 AM.
MMC held out on Public Enemies long enough, time to step up to a populated (or at least more populated) server. Hello, Death and Glory, meet the MickeyMouseClub!

Kill the F**kn Healer!

FooManchu, Feb 27, 11 5:04 PM.

Easy Mode

FooManchu, Feb 20, 11 4:04 PM.
FooManchu, Avid, Hans, and Rock blew through the Hall of Doom Armory Hard Mode in 14 minutes and 17 seconds... quite possibly the fastest armory run ever recorded.

Team Make-up: 2x Gadgets Controllers, 1x Ice Tank, 1x Sorcery Healer (DPS specd, just switched to heal role)

MMC starts raiding!

perilX, Feb 15, 11 3:05 AM.
On Saturday, February 12th, MickeyMouseClub officially became a raiding league.

Primed with Avid, Hans, Briefs, Peril, Labrynth, Rock and Foo, MMC completed not only Outer Caverns but Kahndaq without ever having seen beyond the RCP. Not only that, we did each raid in under an hour. 

Congrats to those that got gear, even though Foo got jewed out of some tank gear by a early quit tank (thanks, Volk, bitch...). This day marks the beginning of a regular raiding schedule, at least once the lockouts get put on a non-retarded lockout timer.
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